Created by founders who wouldn't settle for less than the truth.

Welcome to Get Sain, where health is our ultimate obsession. We refuse to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to one's well-being. At Get Sain, we rise above profits and manipulations. With a firm commitment to transparency and honesty, we refuse to engage in confusing ingredient lists and unethical practices.

Our dedication knows no bounds. We utilize our knowledge and resources to deliver nothing but the best in terms of health and wellness. While we acknowledge that we are not perfect and may not always have all the answers, we strive to become an epitome of ethics.

At Get Sain, we believe it's not just about selling products. We are committed to taking you on a journey—a journey of discovery, education, and empowerment. We want you to understand why the remarkable Sacha Inchi seed deserves a place in your daily life. From your pantry shelves to your lunchbox, from your office desk to your car dashboard, we want to see Sacha Inchi become an integral part of your wellness routine.

Get Sain is more than just a superfood brand. It's a health movement—a passionate endeavor to make a lasting impact. We are dedicated to discovering the perfect balance for this remarkable seed, backed by extensive research and expertise.

We are committed to practicing what we preach. Through our actions, we aim to inspire others and create a ripple effect, fostering a healthier society one superfood at a time.

- Apeksha and Smit


No B.S.

Can we be honest with each other? Hope so, because that is what we are here for. We are here to elevate our customer's wellness journey. That means we would be 100 % transparent in everything we do - our ingredients, our processes. Everything

We no alot - No harmful ingredients, no toxic metals, no preservatives, no additives, no marketing gimmicks, no asterisks, no fillers.