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Sacha Inchi Oil

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Rise early, work hard, Strike Oil!


2 for the price of 1? Yes, you read it right! Our amazing oil contains the double benefit of both Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Kickstart your holistic wellbeing with our anti-inflammatory and plant-based oil. – not really, and the main nutrient of oil is omega

    How to take

    Drink. Drizzle. Drool. Do it your way!


    Only 100% cold-pressed Sacha Inchi Oil

    Formulated For



    Higher Omega 3 than Fish Oil


    Higher Omega 3 than Olive Oil




    We Want you To Ask Questions

    Why is this a Super Oil?

    Sacha Inchi oil is 17 times higher than salmon fish
    and 49x higher than Olive oil in Omega-3 fatty acids. Oh, pretty much super
    that, huh?!

    Can a person with High-Cholesterol, Diabetes or high Blood Pressure consume the Sacha Inchi Oil?

    Definitely! In fact, its even better for those with high cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Sacha Inchi oil is rich in Omegas, making it super beneficial for cellular health, regeneration of arterial cells, builds good cholesterol levels, and overall wellness.

    How can I consume Sacha Inchi oil? Whats the minimum and maximum to it?

    You can’t cook in it, period! But you can drizzle it over your salads, coffees, juices and even your appetizers if you like! Everything consumed in moderation is good and so is the Sacha Inchi oil.

    How do I store the Sacha Inchi oil?

    You can keep the Sacha Inchi oil on the shelf at normal room temperature instead of storing it in the refrigerator. We have designed the bottle in a way that the oil doesn’t lose its nutrition ever so store it normally and all is good, always!

    What does Sacha Inchi oil taste like?

    Its pleasant, its Mild, its nutty and absolutely palatable.